When Paul writes to the Ephesians he says, “But now in Christ Jesus, you that used to be so far off have been brought close, by the blood of Christ” Eph 2:13. The blood of Christ broke the walls that separated us from God. That was made for nothing but to show how special we are in His heart. He does not want us to be far from Him but to be close so as to understand His Word. He wants us to get it straight that everything is possible for the one who believes (Mark 9:23). You may not have food on your table presently but God is there with you in that struggle. You can be on a sick bed, hospital or home, do not loose hope, He is there with you. Count your blessings. Do not focus more on what you have lost, it could be time, family, friends, your loved one, money and so on but at least you did not loose God and your faith in the whole process. That is how lucky you are. NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Remember the gospel according to Mark, Then Jesus looked at him and loved him. “One thing you lack,” he said. “Go sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me” (Mk 10:21) There are so many things that we focus on and forget the cross. We tend to concentrate more on the earthly things forgetting Jesus our Savior. We need to do away with all our weaknesses and go back to God. We are the chosen race, remember at the last supper when Jesus turns to His disciples he said, “You did not choose me, but I chose you” (Jn 15:16). It is Christ Himself who called you to the kind of life you living. Try to focus on him and the cross. We are more than special to God! In any circumstances that you find yourself in know that God is just standing by giving you power and more power to fight the devil. NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Quitters never win yet winners never quit. You are the winner in Christ Jesus. Remember, “God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control” 2Tim 1:7, do not allow situations to control you because you have power over all that. You have power over it all. You can fight all those because you have power. You have been brought closer to God through the blood of Christ. That is how special you are, walk tall all the time thanking God for His blessings on you. Let us us God to continue showering us with His gifts this afternoon especially the gifts of Faith, Love and Charity. NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Have a wonderful afternoon and be blessed.

Fr. Thembela

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Eastern Cape Youth Cluster Epic Weekend!!!!!

On the 3rd to the 5th the Eastern Cape Youth Cluster celebrated Mini World Youth Day in Pallotti Farm where about 500 young people from five dioceses, namely Aliwal North, De Aar, Port Elizabeth, Queenstown and Umtata met. The reason for this gathering was for them to bond and know each other before going to the National Mini World Youth Day in Johannesburg in December and the Poland next year (2016) June. In deed it was a special celebration. I shall give just a short summary of what took place.

Friday 3rd July 2015

Young people were welcomed in a special way with a brass band from Whittlesea, after the registrations there was a rehearsal for mass. Fr. Potlako Sello from Umtata Diocese was the main celebrant at Holy Mass with Queenstown diocese youth leading in music. He reminded all the youth that they all have their roots in the foundation of the prophets and Apostles as the church was celebrating the Feast of St. Thomas. He mentioned that it is time for the youth to be active in all the church activities. There was supper and ice-breakers games that were led by the Port Elizabeth Diocese. That marked the end of day one.


Saturday 4th July

There was a morning prayer and then a good breakfast as people had a long day to face. Fr. Luthando Xhamlayo gave the first talk on the theme, “From a bench-warmer to a role player in the house of God”. He challenged everyone who was there to use their expertise and skills for the church to be what it should be. There came a very big but interesting debate from the youth and their worries or rather concerns about the church which priests who were there took care of. After the first talk the Bishop of PE, Bishop Zungu celebrated Mass with Umtata and Aliwal North leading in music both in IsiXhosa and Sesotho as they have these languages dominating in their dioceses. Most people were toughed by the psalm of the day “God speaks peace to His people” which made them realize how much the church needs them. After Mass there was lunch.

20150704_124105_001His Lordship Bishop Zungu gave his talk on Patience as a virtue. He challenged everyone to wait on the Lord in their day to day encounters but they should be patient. There was a slide show of a young man who fell on the race but his father came and helped him all the way. The moral of the story was even if we fall many times in our way or calling as Christians but we should be sure of our father who cannot judge but support us all the way.  After this the youth went for playing, there were songs and dance which helped them a lot to know one another.


After supper each diocese was given five minutes to introduce themselves. Then the talent show followed which was very interesting and also uplifting to see how much talent we have in the Eastern Cape. From there we can say without doubt that De Aar can act, Queenstown also as they had a drama on the suicide in honor of a youth member who was laid to rest on that day due to suicide. Umtata can sing and they came with two groups who have gone to the extent of recording their music. PE also joyfully sang and Aliwal North specialized in traditional dance. It was really a weekend to be remembered. The national chaplain Fr. Mthembeni Dlamini CMM was so impressed and even invited the youth to be there in December and render such items, in what he said you could really see that the Church does need young people.

Sunday 5th July

His Lordship Bishop Mpako of Queenstown Diocese led mass on this day and his message to the youth was, we must be true prophets but we should know for sure that we will not be accepted everywhere especially in our own people as the Gospel of the day was saying about Jesus being rejected in His hometown. PE and De Aar led in music. There followed breakfast and the sad time to say goodbye after nice and uplifting celebrations. Most people were not ready to separate but Johannesburg was a consolation.

20150705_094721 (1)     20150705_094515_001 Thanks to anyone who contributed in the success of this event. Special thanks goes to Fr. Thembalethu Matywatywa, Queenstown youth chaplain and his executive for organizing the whole thing so well. God bless you and keep the good work up!!!

With love and prayers from the Diocesan Information Office

Fr. Thembela


Youth Day Celebrations in the Eastern Deanery of Queenstown Diocese

WIN_20150614_140956The Eastern Deanery had a very great celebration this year. It took three days as it started with supper on Sunday the 14th till the 16th. Regardless of the bad time of exams for our youth but some managed to come. Expected was about 70 but only 40 made it to the celebrations. It took shape at Butterworth-Good Shepherd parish. It was more of a weekend celebration as the youth had three days together to give them a fair time to know one another. On the first day they has something called ‘Zazise‘ where they introduced themselves, names, their parishes, nickname, clan names and all that. There was also some sort of a talent show straight away.


The second day started with a presentation by Sr. V. Kwinana which took the whole morning session. She talked of the importance of prayer to our lives as Christians. She mentioned to the youth that prayer is a relationship between us and God, it is a direct communication we all have with God. It is not about our feeling she says but persistence. She also mentioned the importance of the Our Father. It became more interesting when the youth asked valid and serious questions about Mass and why do we have repetitive prayers (rosary) as Catholics.

There were sports after lunch which much helped the youth to get to know each other at all levels. This was followed by praise and worship, remember the famous saying of St. Augustine “he who sings prays twice” they joined in this kind of prayer. There was Mass on the 16th by Fr. Thembalethu the diocesan chaplain for the youth and the reflection by Bro. Andisiwe Samente on the theme “Bringing the change in the world through love”. He focused more on the Gospel of the day to love our enemies and those who persecute us. He also mentioned that it is in small things that we can bring change to the world.

There are so many small things that we can do friends and family that can change the world. We can pray for the success of one another which shows how caring we can be. There is a saying by Antonio Porchia that goes, “Yes, this is what good is: to forgive evil. There is no other good.” I think really in forgiving as Christians we give and so receive life.

WIN_20150616_083702 (1)                                                   WIN_20150616_083658WIN_20150616_083633

So much thanks to Rev. Fr. T. Matywatywa for your special care for the youth in our diocese. We thank all those who took not just part but active participation in all activities as the youth also cleaned the yard to show how useful they can be. Let us pray for one another and more especially for many youth to join the consecrated life.


Fr. Thembela


June-Youth Month in the Central Deanery!!!

IMG_1811 Our youth from the central deanery had a great celebration for the youth month on the 13th June 2015 at Whittlesea. It was the deanery priest’s dream coming true as they saw a great need for this to take place. The attendance was good as well as the spirit among the youth. Mass on this day was celebrated by Fr. Thulani Gubula from Carthcart who challenged almost the whole group. So much thanks to him for such a dedication to the youth and they click with him I guess its because of the age gap. There was an interesting debate by the youth on the Consecrated Life in our times which was so much lively and gave one how the young stars understand this kind of life.

IMG_1825                                                               IMG_1844

There was  also the talent show which was very much entertaining. It really tells us that our church is very much rich though we need to take an initiative as the church to help these souls to grow spiritually and otherwise. The total number of the youth was about 68 which is a very good number indeed. we thank all the youth for their active participation and dedication. Together we can do more good people, let us encourage our youth to do their best in church activities and so be responsible in their respective homes.

IMG_1834 Much love from your home in Mayfield

Fr. Thembela



20150619_113758Sr. Peter Snaigo CMDA the Diocesan Catechetical coordinator was up and about very early in the morning on Saturday the 13th June 2015 going to our Holy Spirit Parish-Kentane for the training of sowers in that parish. She reminded the team of their responsibilities as teachers of faith that theirs is to proclaim, live and celebrate their faith. All three activities go together. In proclaiming they communicate the content of the Good News. In living they respond to the Good News in one’s own behavior and then in celebrating they join with the other members of the Christian Community in remembering and affirming the gifts of faith of life that God has given. This celebration takes shape within the parish community as well as in parishioners homes.

A message was sent through that all parishes should elect the committee and the coordinator to support the priest in charge in doing this work as the Chief Catechist in the parish. Sowers  (Abahlwayeli) should re-visit the way they teach and also use their experience of life within the lesson. They must prepare the lesson before they deliver. As a matter of fact, it is very important that we all time and again go back to our catechisms refresh as to be critically aware of the realities of the Gospel Life and open our hearts to the demands of God’s Spirit.


Friends and family we all need to be catechized I must say. We need to take the catechism very serious from our houses to churches. It is the foundation of our faith that needs to be checked every time and again. It will help us always to realize the importance of the Golden Rule “Do to others as you would have them do to you” Mt 7:12. It will make rich in the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, namely, Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of the Lord. We encourage all the parishioners to take part in this task of enriching our lives and faith.

“God looked at everything that He had made, and He found it very good” Gen 1:31, you were wonderfully made by God and you are very good but without God in your life you cannot be good. Have a wonderful weekend.

By Fr. Thembela