Father Leopold Scherer brutally attacked and tortured.

During the last quarter of 2011, Father Leopold Scherer, a secular priest of our Diocese was very nastily surprised by some really unwelcome guests at his mission station in Centane.

They waited for him, overwhelmed him and dragged him into the presbytery where they asked for money. Father Scherer who never has money in the house and lives a very simple and frugal life, told them that he did not have what they wanted. Their answer was just cruel: they hit him on the head, where they damaged his skin seriously and broke systematically his arm and hand.

They left him for dead without having found what they had sought for.

The hours Father was alone before he could get help must have been agonizing.

Bishop Mpako learned the news when he was in a meeting with his councillors in Queenstown.  He left the meeting immediately for Centane where he found Father Scherer.

The way of recovery was a long one during which a lot of patience was required: a skin transplantation was necessary and some uncomfortable screws were placed on his arm to give the splintered bones the opportunity to heal correctly.

At this moment, Father Scherer recovered very well and stays now at the bishops residence to regain his old fitness and condition. He is always in a sheer mood, but it is impossible that he survived that nasty adventure without some psychological consequences.

Doing this to an elderly man who consecrated his whole life to the mission station he founded so many years ago, let arise some question marks about the morality our “rainbow nation” is immersed in.

To our friend and colleague we say: “Hey Leo, keep it up man!”