Old St. Theresa’s got a “face lift”

Old St. Theresa’s got a “face lift”

Since quite some time, the old St. Theresa’s Church in Queenstown’s Scanlen Street was in a deplorable state. School boys started to hollow out the surrounding wall until it fell down, while street boys, using their catapults trying to shoot doves, destroyed a considerable number of window panes. The roof and guttering started leaking and the incoming rain water damaged the ceiling properly. Birds of all kind came in through the broken windows, and, in no time their droppings fell upon the statues and ran along the walls. On top of that, the church was visited by vandals who went on the rampage in the sacristy, destroyed the organ pipes and broke all the electric candles in between the Stations of the Cross. It happened also that thieves took the tabernacle for a safe which they tried to break open making some damage to the high altar.

That was the situation for years but a couple of months ago, things started to change. The premises got a new steel palisade, the roof was sealed and painted, new window panes replaced the broken ones, the outside and the inside of the church as well, got a new and nice coat of paint which restored St. Theresa’s in its old glory.

At the moment, the building of a new ablution block is in its final stage while the ground in front of the entrance of the church is being paved. Probably around Easter, the job will be done.

We can only congratulate the Mlungisi Congregation with their renovated church and thank everybody who contributed to the financing of that not so cheap enterprise.

Some years ago, a magistrate approached me, asking if I was not prepared to sell him “that neglected building” which he wanted to convert into a mosque…

Thanks God that this did not happen!!!

Fr Edward Tratsaert SAC