The Easter Candle for the faithful of St. Theresa’s Mission Queenstown

Easter candle for the faithful

The Easter Vigil is, by no doubt, one of the most splendid liturgies in the Church. St. Theresa’s Mission in Queenstown makes here also not an exception, and everything is made and done to make from the Easter Vigil the Liturgical Event of the year. Year after year, a to full capacity packed church participates in the Pascal Mystery of the light, the Solemnity of God’s Word, the Power of the Living Water in the framework of the Sacrament of Baptism and in the Solemn Union with the Risen Christ in the Holy Eucharist.

To participate into the Light of Christ, the faithful receive a special Easter candle which shines beautifully, does not spill wax neither on the ground nor on the pews, and stands for the rest of the year in the display cabinet of most households.


The idea to make such a candle was quite simple, but the effect is marvelous.

Traditionally during the Easter Vigil, about 10 children are baptized and they also receive their own Baptismal Candle (same model) with their name and date of baptism upon it. Those candles can be kept in the families for years, where they remind people of their baptism.

Once again, it is a simple idea, but it spices up the real Catholic Spirit in the Congregation!

Father Edward Tratsaert SAC