A “patient” in the care of Queenstown’s panel beaters

Fr Barry Reabow's car accident.

In Germany, people pretend that the “noblest body part of a German” is his car, and in Holland, it is common knowledge that he who mutilates his nose, mutilates in the mean time his whole face.

Father Barry Reabow, Pallottine and administrator of the Queenstown Cathedral, is a very good driver and he also likes his car as an essential part of his own personality. In a recent advert we could read following slogan: Show me your car, and I will tell you who you are.

Well, on my side, I can tell you that Father Barry is a fine person. He is friendly, very eloquent, a good canonist and musician, gifted with an above average intelligence and for sure a beloved parish priest.

If you take all this into consideration, what car do you think, is Father Barry Reabow driving? Very difficult to guess, you would say and here I must agree: Father Barry drives only a dead normal serial made Opel Astra, which he likes very much and handles it with the same ability and virtuosity as he uses to play the organ. But now, on the 22nd or 23rd of April 2012 something extraordinary happened, and when it happens, people are that confused that it becomes very difficult to find out the “who-when- where-why and how” syndrome in its objective dimension and therefore, it is better to leave that in hands of the specialists, but fact is that either Father Barry wanted to put his nose in somebody else’s business or that “somebody else” wanted to put his nose in Father Barry’s business and that with the result that both cars kissed each other having their noses as target.

And here comes the experienced Dutchman on the stage with the dry remark that if somebody mutilates his nose, he also mutilates his whole face….

Poor Opel Astra! There it stands now in the “casualty room” of Queenstown’s Golden Panel Beaters like a prima donna, mutilated by some mafiosi, patiently waiting for the plastic surgeon… and… panel beaters and plastic surgeons do have something in common indeed: both are very expensive!!!

Luckily for him, Father Barry does not take it up tragically: his own nose and face are intact and some concerned people of the parish gave him the use of another car till his “noblest body part” will join him again after an expensive treatment in the mechanical intensive care unit of the panel beating world. Sorry Barry, you had bad luck, but we are happy that the whole story did not turn out worse!

Fr Edward Tratsaert SAC