Her reply to the Diocesan Mission Statement

Christina Alexander

In his Diocesan Mission Statement, the bishop asked for the coordination of talents in order to activate the pastoral plan of action.

Everybody has his own talents, and in that domain, Mrs. Christina Alexander, who is a member of the St. Theresa’s Mission in Queenstown, does also not make an exception. One of the founder members of the Catholic Women’s League, Christina profiles herself as an excellent seamstress who did already for years some small but marvelous jobs for the Church.

The big “break through” came 2 years ago, when the relics of St. Theresa came to visit the church for 4 unforgettable days, extremely well prepared by everybody belonging to the Mission.


St. Theresa would have a “Guard of Honour” formed by our Altar servers.

Father Tratsaert looked in Europe for a french model outfit and bought the accessories to it in Belgium, his native country.

The reaction was spontaneous: People bought the material on the Indian Market in Durban, two lady teachers put the scissors into the material and Christina did the rest of the magic upon her humble sewing machine in her own home. The result was fantastic: Our Altar Servers were so beautiful and acted in such a dignified way, that they impressed entire congregations visiting our church in Parkvale during those blessed days.

Two years are gone, and still our Altar Servers come up with the same enthusiasm and that is very positive.

This year, during the Oil Mass on Maundy Thursday, their apparition in the Cathedral was that effective, that the general opinion came up to adopt this“Queenstown Outfit” for the rest of the whole Diocese.

Stutterheim reacted first and an arrangement was made to make the same garment for 21 Altar Servers. At the mean time, 9 others are still in the make for the smallest altar boys of St. Theresa’s.

Once the work completed, Mrs. Christina Alexander will have made 50 outfits and that is a considerable quantity.

Being not anymore the youngest (she had already her 70th birthday!), she told us, that after all this, somebody else has to take over, and that is quite understandable.

We hope that somebody will come up and ask her how to do it, because that beautiful work is a splendid example of how to really contribute to a living Church!

Fr Edward Tratsaert SAC