The Queenstown Deanery Pastoral Council gets shape.

Benita Nayanah (Vice Treasurer), Rose Harrison (Vice Secretary), Mike Gouveia (Chairman), Fr Matthias Nsamba (Dean), Alice Stevens (Vice Chairlady), Nomsa Vananda (Secretary), Peter Naidoo (Treasurer).

On Saturday, the 21st of April, all the parishes of the Queenstown Deanery sent their delegates to the Cathedral Hall in order to create the new Deanery Pastoral Council.

The meeting started a little bit later as planned, but the participants formed such an interesting group, that the time just went passing by.

Fr. Matthias Nsamba, Priest in Charge of Cathcart and local Dean for the Queenstown district in the Diocese with the same name, welcomed everybody and explained in a quite understandable way what it was all about.

After everybody presented himself or herself to the group, a welcome interaction started easily, which ended consequently into the erection of the new Queenstown Deanery Pastoral Council.

We congratulate Mr. Mike Gouveia from the Cathedral Parish who was elected chairman and got Mrs. Alice Stevens from St. Theresa’s Parkvale as vice chairlady. Two Stutterheim ladies, nl. Mrs. Nomsa Vananda and Mrs. Rose Harrison, took up their duties as secretary and vice secretary, and, finally it was Mr. Peter Naidoo from St. Theresa’s Parkvale, who, together with Mrs Benita Nayanah from Stutterheim took up the department of finances.

Once that election burden was something of the past, tongues became looser and more than one interesting detail of pastoral activity in the various places came to the attention of interesting people…

Some relations between parishes started and also some new initiatives were born.

The meeting ended in the best atmosphere possible and everybody went home with a spark of hope for the future.

Fr Edward Tratsaert SAC