Commissioning of Parish Committees on Pentecost Day at Queenstown Cathedral

Pentecost Anno 33 in Jerusalem The day the Apostles underwent their “METANOIA”! They received from their Master, Jesus of Nazareth, who, after his Resurrection from the Death, became the Lord of Heaven and Earth, all the necessary gifts to proclaim His Good News and to start His Church. Yes, it was indeed our Lord Jesus Christ Himself who, by sending His Spirit, inspired and motivated those shy Galilean  fishermen, and turned  them into zealous and outspoken people who attracted fellow Jewish believers by the thousands, converted them and kept them together in the newborn Church.

Pentecost Anno 2012 in Queenstown! It was the day during which that very same overwhelming Spirit of Christ, manifesting Himself in Jerusalem 1979 years ago, fulfilled the members of the various Parish Committees of the Diocese of Queenstown, gathered in the Cathedral. Invited by their local Bishop, Dabula Anthony Mpako, they had come to undergo their own “METANOIA”!

As expected, the cathedral was packed. Every parish committee was present. They came together with their parish priest and with a lot of fellow parishioners who did not want to miss that historical event.

The Pontifical Liturgy was just splendid. The quality of the choir was far above average and the “congregation of the day” showed clearly that they knew how to sing and pray!

In his sermon the bishop told them that the Diocese, as a whole, had also to undergo it’s own METANOIA: Until now, Queenstown was a “Mission Diocese” but from this very Pentecost day on, this “Mission Diocese” has to go into the direction of a “Local Church” and that in the strictest sense of the word. The time is there that Queenstown has to become adult and mature enough to speak up for itself, so that it can take the challenges into it’s own hands, and become a self supporting Diocese.

It was a very solemn moment when the members of all the Parish committees pledged their loyalty towards the bishop and their fidelity towards the program of the Pastoral Plan.

There were also quite some humorous moments during  the service. The bishop caused several times a laughter when he spoke about himself and about some actual situations in the Diocese.

After Mass, a colorful crowd in a very good mood, filled the cathedral place and the parish hall, where some snacks were served.

Pentecost 2012 became something special for the Diocese of Queenstown. On that remarkable day, the Holy Spirit was for sure amongst us and we hope and pray that this may last for ever.

Fr. Edward Tratsaert SAC