Education for life programme in the Diocese

A group of 28 Young people from the Glen Grey Deanery, Central and Transkei East attended from the 25th till to the 29th of March 2012 an “Education for life” workshop at the Pallotti Farm in Queenstown.

Purpose of this workshop was to train Diocesan facilitators who will spread the programme in the entire Diocese. “Education for life” targets for a change of behaviour and values in the positive direction. The programme is spiritual and deals with a person holistically as well. It helps the youth to make the right decisions and to live their lives to the fullest as it is written in John 10:10 “I have come that you may have life, life to the fullest”.

The Bishop commissioned the Diocesan team on the 13 April 2012 and, by wasting no time, we started already from the 21th of April to work with pre teenagers aged 10-14 going from the one parish to the other organising our workshops.

Education for life” chose St. Maria Goretti as their Patroness. This young Saint, who, at not even being 12 years of age, learnt to work very hard and by doing so, she developed a remarkable sense for responsibility and real family values, an attitude she stacked to, even when she had to pay for it with her own life, and that made her an excellent model and intercessor for today’s young people, confronted by a sea of immorality poured out upon them and their world by the modern media. She offers children and youngsters a refuge, protection, a serene spirit and the deep joy of the pure of heart. May she intercede for us all to be able to fight against the challenges we face daily so that we may be able to help each other to live life to the fullest.

Sr. Michaelina Veliwe Nkuzo CMDA