Our Bishop on the year of faith.

To: All the clergy, the religious and the faithful of the Diocese


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, has called for a Year of Faith to be observed from 11 October 2012 to 24 November 2013. The Year of Faith “aims, above all, to support the faith of believers who, in their daily trials, never cease to entrust their lives to the Lord Jesus, with courage and conviction.” The Year of Faith coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the beginning of the Vatican Council II and the twentieth anniversary of the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

Following this call by the Holy Father, I hereby invite all the Catholics in the Diocese to prepare themselves to enter fully into this time of renewal in faith. In order to observe the Year of Faith, special activities will take place at the level of the Diocese and also at parish level. In addition, each individual Catholic is exhorted to work out his or her own special way of engaging in the envisaged spiritual renewal.

Some of the activities already decided upon include the following:

  1. Opening Mass for the Year of Faith at the Cathedral on Thursday 11th of October 2012 at 11:00 a.m. This Mass will be for all the clergy and religious of the diocese and for all those among the faithful who are able to attend.
  1. The launching of the Year of Faith in all our parishes and pastoral districts on the following Sunday, the 14th of October 2012.
  1. Special candles to mark the Year of Faith will be produced and made available to all parishes, pastoral districts, Convents and Schools. The lighting of the candles will form part of the ceremony on the 11th of October at the Cathedral.
  1. Special Year of Faith pamphlets with a picture, a prayer and the Nicene Creed will be produced by the Liturgy Department of the Bishops’ Conference and translated into the vernacular to be used throughout the year.
  1. The diocesan Pilgrimage on Pentecost 2013 will be a special diocesan celebration of the Year of Faith.
  1. There will be a special diocesan closing of the Year of faith in November 2013. The details of this are still to be worked out.

Some suggestions have been made and given to all parish priests regarding some of the things that can be done at the parish level in order to participate in a meaningful way in the spiritual renewal envisaged for the Year of Faith. I hereby exhort all parish priests in consultation with their parish pastoral councils and other relevant bodies to take up this challenge and prepare their parish communities to enter fully in the Year of Faith.

Let us all take up this time of grace to proclaim the Gospel anew by living and professing our faith with more conviction, faithfulness and dedication.

With my blessing and best wishes, I remain

Yours in Christ,

+ Dabula A. Mpako

Bishop of Queenstown