Meeting with the Diocesan Co-ordination Team for Catechesis in Cathcart

Although the blossoming trees told us that the country was officially in spring season, all the participants coming from Cathcart, Ilinge, eZibeleni, Queenstown, Stutterheim and Whittlesea had to brave an icy cold weather on the 15th of September 2012, to attend a meeting with the Diocesan Co-ordination Team for Catechesis in the parish hall of the St. Mary, Queen of the Apostles Church in Cathcart-Ikatekati.

The group warmed themselves up by speaking about catechetical problems and reporting also some nice events which took place in the different areas of the Deanery.

It was good and nice to see a quite outspoken Mrs Selina Ndonga from Ilinge and a young but enthusiastic Miss Nandipha Anita Vananda from Cathcart.

The leader of the co-ordination team, Father Dezilina Mbulawa, told the meeting that, from next year on, there will be a total new catechetical program in the diocese, a program which is not anymore focusing on the sacraments only, but also on the Church as a whole, and that in the framework of our relationship in faith with God.

The news that, in due time, there will be sufficient literature at the Diocesan Chancery, and that, in the meantime, the co-ordination team will organise specialised people who will teach the ins and outs of the new program to the people responsible for catechetical formation in the various congregations, was welcomed.

After a light lunch, everybody disappeared to be as soon as possible at home because of the miserable weather.

Fr. Edward Tratsaert SAC