Not exactly an “average” schoolgirl.

This is Lindiwe. She is 15 years old and is a grade nine learner at Queenstown’s Maria Louw High School. Being brought up in a catholic family, Lindiwe is not only a keen churchgoer but also an elegant, enthusiastic and committed altar server. Due to her background she is fluent in Afrikaans and Xhosa and communicates already quite well in good English.

Beside that, Lindiwe is everything other girls of her age are too: friendly, playful, lovely, having the same joys and problems specific for every teenager and in the meantime enjoying the nice things in life reserved for young people.

But there is something else which makes the difference: Lindiwe is a very bright girl, and somewhere in her brains, there must be a kind of “transistor” specialised in economics.

Her talent was detected very soon by the teaching staff of her school, and they gave her the opportunity to take part in a competition under the auspices of the Department of Education in East London. The result was fantastic: Lindiwe got the first price (certificate and cup included!) on provincial level and became part of a team representing the Eastern Cape in a similar event on national level in Johannesburg.

A trip to Johannesburg by plane! Is there a teenager who would not dream about that?! Well, she got that opportunity and indeed, she enjoyed it very much.

Her team finished in the fourth place and that is not a bad result at all.

When I met her at home once she was back, she was still thrilled and excited: everything had been so nice and fantastic!

I only could say: “Lindiwe, you make me proud!”, and indeed I was proud!!! I just hope and pray that she may continue the way she started and end up as a valuable element and for the human society and for our catholic congregation as well. May God bless her and may she stay in his hands!

Fr. Edward Tratsaert SAC