Bazaar at St.Theresa’s

On Saturday, the 13th of October 2012, it was again that far. St. Theresa’s Mission in Queenstown had its annual bazaar which has to bless our projects with a serious financial push.  Projects we have enough, but to finance all this is another story. Queenstown is neither Pretoria nor Durban nor Cape Town, but we have precisely to live and to work in the same way for that common South African Rand which is not that copiously available as it is the case in metropolitan areas where the living costs are more bearable due to more and better job opportunities.

So, money is needed in St. Theresa’s, and if it is not there, then we have to make some by singing, dancing, baking, brewing and barbecuing and holding a Bazaar!

The Sunday collections can cover the municipal accounts but for all the rest we need extra income to cover the living and transport costs of the priest, the insurances and maintenance of the buildings, some pastoral initiatives within the parish and some other actions which are necessary as binding factor amongst the parishioners.

During the year of faith we will have some special projects in order to create amongst the faithful a new and fresh enthusiastic lifestyle in faith.

The life of the Saints can give us here a lot of inspiration and during this year we want to give some special honour to St. Theresa as the Patron Saint of our parish, to St. Vincent Pallotti who can inspire us to live our faith as Church and to Blessed Chiara Badano, an Italian girl who can inspire mothers and daughters in a really special and charming way.

We want to give their pictures a place of honour in our Church, and, as a remembrance of the year of faith, we want also to engrave the Nicaean Creed on two granite plates. Finally, we want to realise a decent viewing room which emphasises the mystery of the Resurrection and life everlasting.

These are enormous plans and a lot of perseverance in generosity and sacrifice will be needed to realise all this, but we do it in faith, hope and love while baking, singing, dancing, brewing and barbecuing… and perhaps, you never know, a miracle is, even in our time, still possible!

Fr. Edward Tratsaert SAC