Commissioning of Catechists

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As usual, Queenstown’s Christ the King Cathedral was once again packed with people to attend a very special service led by the bishop himself. Yes, it was on a Sunday, it was hot and it was already eleven o’clock when the bishop entered the cathedral, but the people, coming from every place and corner in the Diocese were there to witness the commissioning of catechists within the framework of a brand new catechetical program which started on the 3rd of February 2013 in the Diocese of Queenstown.

Bishop Dabula Anthony Mpako was quite outspoken during his sermon when he had it about the roundabouts of the new program which is more than necessary within the confinements of our pastoral territory.

Until now, he said, the catechism was given in immediate preparation of the receiving of the sacraments. This IS necessary and is not wrong at all, but the pastoral experience also states, that, once the sacraments are received, a lot of “Catholic Life” stops because a good majority of the people thinks that, once they have received the sacraments, their “duties” are fulfilled and there is no further reason to go on with a certain “Church routine”

This is a very poor attitude, and therefore, the faithful in the Diocese need another complimentary catechetical program which helps them to find the right motivation for their committed life in Christ.

Rules as e.g. the Sunday obligation should not be seen as an imposed heavy duty, but rather as natural evidence within a life committed to God in Christ.

We are created in the image and likeness of God and that means that we are part of God’s life, and in being that, it is also quite evident that we all lead a life style which expresses the “divinity” of our life spreading around us the light of love, justice and goodness, and this also includes the eviction of everything which is evil.

Such a life style creates commitment and enthusiasm and makes everybody extremely happy because it is a life through, with and in God!!!

That is the aim of the new catechetical program: to get young people acquainted to that life style which is the backbone of a solid and peaceful world and a flourishing Church.

After the sermon the catechists stood up and promised solidarity to the program and to the bishop who commissioned them. In the meantime, a team of helpers in the realisation of the program were presented to the congregation, and, after all this, a happy bishop could give his final blessing.

Fr. Edward Tratsaert SAC