Reinstitution of the Sodality of the Children of Mary In the Diocese of Queenstown

Sr CelineAlready since years we had the Sodality of the Children of Mary in Cofimvaba, where the Precious Blood Sisters run the well-known successful St. James High school for girls.

Under the dynamic leadership of Sr. Celine CPS, a group of catholic girls joined the sodality and this with such good results that the idea came up to revitalise that sodality on diocesan level.

On Sunday, the 18th of August 2013, when the South African Church Province celebrated the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a huge crowd of youngsters, coming from a little bit of everywhere in the diocese, could witness in a packed Cathedral how His Excellency, Bishop Dabula Anthony Mpako presided the Investiture of the new candidates by blessing their uniforms and their flag.

In his sermon the bishop stressed the importance of the youth in the Church and also the necessity of excellent examples which can give the right direction and motivation to that youth, and… what a better example of Christian, dedicated, committed and joyous life, completely rooted in God, can we find besides Mary, the Mother of God?

The answer is clear: it is Mary who shows us how to live in such a way that we become again really that what God wanted from the very beginning, namely His own image and likeness…

The service was just marvellous: Young voices filled the Cathedral with Marian hymns and songs and a procession during the offertory brought some African flavour in the Liturgy.

The spontaneity of our youngsters proved that the Church still has a nice and hopeful future.

A happy bishop congratulated the members of the sodality and wished them well for the future, giving them his special blessing.

Sr. Celine thanked the bishop, and did an appeal especially to the boys to join also the children of Mary. In the group there was only one boy and for sure he does not want to remain the only one!!!

So, the sodality is now again open for all our young people in the diocese, and I am sure that in the very next future, some echoes will raise in certain parishes saying: “We also want to join!”

The weather was not the best one: There was sunshine, but an icy wind did not allow a long stay outside. So, after Mass, there was still a kind of choir singing competition in the Parish hall until everybody went home, joyful and happy.


Fr. Edward Tratsaert SAC

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