In Memoriam: Rev. Sister Raphael Regina Nomawethu Ngumba CMDA

Sr RaphaelDeath is a reality. It is real and inevitable. Every earthly being has to go through that mystery: as there is the right time to be born, so there is also the right time to die, but nobody knows when, how and where this will happen. Only God knows this and therefore we must prepare ourselves for that mighty and stupendous confrontation with eternity…

Sr. Raphael Ngumba was born into the family of Mr. Diya Ngumba and Mrs Nomishini of Mount Frere, Cabazi village, on the 3rd February, 1948. They were three girls, Nomawethu, Nobambo and Nosisa. They all have passed away.

She started her Education in Mbodleni Primary School in Mount Frere.

In 1962 the parents moved from Mount Frere to Dutywa where she got sure about her vocation to the sisterhood. In 1964 she went to Keilands to join the Congregation of the Mother of Divine Love (Ntaba Maria Sisters) as a candidate. In 1966 she became a postulant, and started her novitiate in 1967 which she ended in 1969 by making her first profession.

Immediately after her first Profession, Sr. Raphael was sent to Zigudu to start her mission work by becoming the boarder mistress in the local hostel for girls. In 1971 she pronounced her final vows, and, in 1994 she celebrated her silver Jubilee.

Sr. Raphael spent her whole active life at Zigudu mission, giving her best in the apostolic field until her healthy constitution broke down not allowing her an active life anymore. Being back into the mother house ( Ntaba Maria Convent ) in 1996, where her co-sisters could look after her, she did not stop her apostolic work. With a lot of dedication she taught catechism to the young ones in the church and that until in August 2013 when she definitely collapsed. She was admitted twice in Glen grey hospital but nothing could help anymore. She passed away on the 27th of September 2013.

On the 12th of October 2013, “Ma MAYA” as she was nicknamed, found her final resting place at the own cemetery of the Congregation in Ntaba Maria.She loved God and the Church which she honored with the perseverance in her religious vocation embellishing it by staying at the same place, doing the daily routine tasks again and again… After such a life, we hear the Scripture saying:

“Well done my dear servant! Because you were faithful in doing a lot of small things, I will put you now in charge of a lot of much more important things. Come and enter now into the joy of your Lord”

Fr. Edward Tratsaert vSAC