IMG_3925The St. Theresa’s Congregation of Queenstown is well alive and makes also every year a special effort in order to be able to survive financially. This year we came upon the idea to give our annual bazaar a new look and that in the shape of the well-known Bavarian “Oktoberfest”. A lot of time and preparation was invested into the realisation of the famous BBB slogan (Bake-Brew-Braai), and, once the smoke was hanging over the premises and the well-known “smells” came out of the stalls, everybody present came in action and made from our annual event a success we never knew before.

Mr Bernard McPherson, the chairman of our workers group became lyrical enthusiastic when he wrote following article to the local paper of Queenstown:
“On Saturday, 12th October 2013, all roads definitely led to the Rosenthal Church Grounds in Queenstown where hundreds of people were entertained to music and enjoyed what the stalls were offering!

Everybody was up from early morning and when the gong stroked 08H00 from the town watchtower, the bikes and cars roared from Sasol Garage led by two friendly traffic officers! They accompanied the HAWKS bikers and vehicles from the congregation to the Rosenthal Hall where convenors awaited them for the BIG SHOW to start. After Father Tratsaert opened the occasion the parishioners started their shopping spree that held up until early evening!

The seventeen stalls, being filled to capacity in the morning, showed signs of depletion and some were literary out of stock by 15H00! At this time one could notice the smile on the face of our paparazzo – the Reverend in Charge! There was no other expression he could show because by this time the butchery, the cake and tart table; potjiekos and the eisbein/cheese griller combos, with a little help from the draught beer, were running empty!


The children had a field day, especially due to the successfully run Ghost House, Jumping Castle and Tuck-shop. They kept the parents and family on the grounds until darkness forced us to call it a day!

The weather did influence the day, but we only abandoned the car-wash, whilst the others continued unabated! Even the accountants were overjoyed since they had to make other means for the coupons were all sold out! The music filled the air, our junior and senior talent and matric contestants were crowned followed by the potjie winners and later followed the winners in the DJ and Car Sound-off competitions!

The day was splendidly ended with the Golden Oldies Dance that was also filled to the brim – evident there-off was the attendance at the church the next morning!

To our donors and sponsors: The St. Theresa’s Roman Catholic Church appreciates you coming to our aid and assures you that your contribution did not go to waste, but serves the purpose it was meant to be!

To the convenors, judges and the community at large: we stay indebted to you because without your loyal support this day would not have been the success it turned out to be and because of you we will again host the 2014 October Fest with more zest making it even more efficient and vibrant.”

Once again, the St. Theresa’s Congregation of Queenstown proved to be able to organise big things, and as their Pastor, I am very proud of them. In the time to come, a lot of things have to happen, materially and spiritually. Quite some embellishments will take place in the church which is the house of God, and, for that house nothing can be nice enough.

We are preparing the closure of the year of faith, and in that framework we will have our First Communion: 15 children will make that step, and their names will be engraved upon the memorial plaque together with the Nicene Creed.

Our bell tower will see its completion and a new viewing room will make our funerals much more dignified.

A fantastic Bazaar with a huge success and that in the service of our dear St. Theresa’s Church in Queenstown!

Fr Edward Tratsaert SAC

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