As I was meditating this morning, I came across something I haven’t really noticed, that is, in our spiritual and life as a whole we are only healed with/by the Sacraments. As I went through the reflection of the day from Pope Francis’ daily reflections Edited by Kevin Cotter (2013), I understood it in a different way.

This is how it is put there under the tittle: THE VICTORY OF CHRIST


The grace contained in the sacraments of Easter is an enormous potential for the renewal of our personal existence, of family life, of social relations.” As we begin this weekend, I invite you, let us ask ourselves if we have seen/realize how special we are to God. We need to change our ways, try and get some means of receiving these special graces from the sacraments more effectively. We need to frequent Reconciliation Sacrament and receive Holy Communion. We should also read spiritual books to receive grace upon grace that on its own will help us indeed strengthen our inner being and longing for God through the Easter Sacraments.

Personally I say this is a must have to those who can be able to get it!!!

By Fr. Thembela (mthemngoma@gmail.com)


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