On the 25th April morning hours there was something unusual in the Diocese of Queenstown. There were smiles on almost all faces that were there at the Cathedral. Everyone was there in good time, laity, youth, brother, sisters, priests and the Bishop Himself. The celebration commenced with Holy Mass led by the Bishop.




The Vicar General, Fr. Siphiwo Vanqa welcomed everyone who was there and congratulated all those living the consecrated life as the function was about their life, he also invited Sr. Lucia to light the special candle which was a symbol and a special prayer for us to God for many people joining this life in our diocese. The bishop helped everyone to get the clue of what is it that we were celebrating, how important is this life and the dedication from the people living it. In his homily he encouraged the youth to consider joining this life and at the same time encouraged a good married life which is a base for vocations. He also mentioned that its never late for anyone to join this life as we can contribute in their life. He mentioned that we can always visit the sisters, brothers and priests living this kind of life and be informed of their spirituality and live it at our different places. He also encouraged people to be the associates of those living the consecrated life. The music was so uplifting and thanks to the youth themselves who were more than prepared and excited in preparing and also leading Mass. With what I saw that day, I feel that after this celebration The Diocese of Queenstown will never be the same!!!   


20150425_114815   May God help us with many good and original vocations in this diocese. By Fr. Thembela


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