As I was meditating on today’s Gospel (Mark 12:18-27) and looked at my life story, I came to understand deeply that indeed God isn’t for the dead but the living! This tells me that each one of us should try their best to be holy and blameless before God of the living. He has always been, is and will forever be there for us. He loves us like a parent loves their children. He calls us sons and daughters, meaning it from His heart. This tells us that we need to be vigilant and also be ready for the Kingdom. If we were to talk basing ourselves on our day to day life, I would suggest we check our accounts with our lawyers, are we up to date on our premiums? If not, I would suggest we rectify those. but in our case, we have our lawyer who have powers to stand in for us in this world and also in the heavenly kingdom, are we in good relations with Him?

When we are summoned by the judge or rather involved in legal proceedings we always think first of our lawyers to defend us, as legal wise advert says, “don’t talk to me, talk to my lawyer”. But now I want to draw your attention friends to our lawyer, all He needs is a good relationship. He needs us to be in good terms with Him. Id say, we need to know him and allow Him to know us as well! He is around us, He will defend us from the snares of Satan. He will also defend us from our own selves and our sins. It doesn’t matter how many sins have u committed, if you call on His name, He will listen and welcome you back.

He is always there when you fall. Ask Him for help in this regard and encounter Him in the sacrament of Penance. Meditate a bit on the meaning of Jesus’ Sacred Heart, a heart full of love and mercy. Ask of Him to transform your heart to   be like His. Just think of the instances when Jesus freed you from evil and sin. Ask yourself how can you continue to enjoy that freedom in your life today. I am sure there is nothing you can or rather should do except for being in a healthy relationship with your Creator. Even your conscience will be at peace, why therefore, allowing ourselves to be slaves of the devil? let us pick up our remaining pieces, seek our lawyer who is Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, secure our spaces and be safe for the Kingdom of God that is at hand!!!

He is there, as He was and will forever be! I have seen and still seeing Him and His in me and my life story. I can write a book that no one can hold of His mercies towards me. Let us come back to Him forgetting our own selves. As Isaiah puts it, ‘O God, you will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, all whose thoughts are fixed on You’ Is. 26:3. Let us therefore, put our trust and thoughts to Him, He will rearrange us!!!

By Fr. Thembela


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