June-Youth Month in the Central Deanery!!!

IMG_1811 Our youth from the central deanery had a great celebration for the youth month on the 13th June 2015 at Whittlesea. It was the deanery priest’s dream coming true as they saw a great need for this to take place. The attendance was good as well as the spirit among the youth. Mass on this day was celebrated by Fr. Thulani Gubula from Carthcart who challenged almost the whole group. So much thanks to him for such a dedication to the youth and they click with him I guess its because of the age gap. There was an interesting debate by the youth on the Consecrated Life in our times which was so much lively and gave one how the young stars understand this kind of life.

IMG_1825                                                               IMG_1844

There was  also the talent show which was very much entertaining. It really tells us that our church is very much rich though we need to take an initiative as the church to help these souls to grow spiritually and otherwise. The total number of the youth was about 68 which is a very good number indeed. we thank all the youth for their active participation and dedication. Together we can do more good people, let us encourage our youth to do their best in church activities and so be responsible in their respective homes.

IMG_1834 Much love from your home in Mayfield

Fr. Thembela


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