Youth Day Celebrations in the Eastern Deanery of Queenstown Diocese

WIN_20150614_140956The Eastern Deanery had a very great celebration this year. It took three days as it started with supper on Sunday the 14th till the 16th. Regardless of the bad time of exams for our youth but some managed to come. Expected was about 70 but only 40 made it to the celebrations. It took shape at Butterworth-Good Shepherd parish. It was more of a weekend celebration as the youth had three days together to give them a fair time to know one another. On the first day they has something called ‘Zazise‘ where they introduced themselves, names, their parishes, nickname, clan names and all that. There was also some sort of a talent show straight away.


The second day started with a presentation by Sr. V. Kwinana which took the whole morning session. She talked of the importance of prayer to our lives as Christians. She mentioned to the youth that prayer is a relationship between us and God, it is a direct communication we all have with God. It is not about our feeling she says but persistence. She also mentioned the importance of the Our Father. It became more interesting when the youth asked valid and serious questions about Mass and why do we have repetitive prayers (rosary) as Catholics.

There were sports after lunch which much helped the youth to get to know each other at all levels. This was followed by praise and worship, remember the famous saying of St. Augustine “he who sings prays twice” they joined in this kind of prayer. There was Mass on the 16th by Fr. Thembalethu the diocesan chaplain for the youth and the reflection by Bro. Andisiwe Samente on the theme “Bringing the change in the world through love”. He focused more on the Gospel of the day to love our enemies and those who persecute us. He also mentioned that it is in small things that we can bring change to the world.

There are so many small things that we can do friends and family that can change the world. We can pray for the success of one another which shows how caring we can be. There is a saying by Antonio Porchia that goes, “Yes, this is what good is: to forgive evil. There is no other good.” I think really in forgiving as Christians we give and so receive life.

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So much thanks to Rev. Fr. T. Matywatywa for your special care for the youth in our diocese. We thank all those who took not just part but active participation in all activities as the youth also cleaned the yard to show how useful they can be. Let us pray for one another and more especially for many youth to join the consecrated life.


Fr. Thembela


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