Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me!!! Sacred Heart and Outreach Program

Our Diocesan Sacred Heart Sodality as always embarked on their mission at the beginning of last month following their constitution. One of their objectives is to take Christ’s love and concern to all people especially those in need, the poor and the oppressed, it is of this reason that members of the sodality in the diocese of Queenstown ensures that each year they are involved in the outreach program. This program we are told rotates among the three deaneries. The council together with their spiritual adviser sit in a meeting at the beginning of each year and plan as to which deanery will be visited. This year was the council mandated the Eastern Deanery to choose a place for such a mission. The deanery committee decided on the home for the abused and abandoned children in Butterworth called Siyakhana. The home takes about fifty children between the age of three months and seventeen years.


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At the beginning of the year the deanery committee was sent to assess the situation there as well as to identify the things that the home needs for children and also for the home itself to be what it should. The manager told the team that they are not fussy, they are accept any donation. The team that was sent there noticed that there were no floor mats, there was also one television set which the staff claimed that children always fight over it.


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The 8th August 2015 was the big day at the home as members of the Sacred Heart painted the yard of the home navy as they were on their full uniform. They bought 50 inch  flat screen television set, floor mats, second hand clothing, a cake for the children’s celebration as well as drinks. A sum of R300 was also given out for the electricity. You can imagine how touching was this celebration. Thinking of those young stars with innocent faces. Truth be told, all those children need their mothers by their sides but they are denied of that chance. We thank the Sacred Heart Sodality for being so considerate.We understand that it is not that they have it all but the love of Christ in their hearts make them not to rest till they contribute in some other people’s lives.


20150808_132735 Special thanks goes to Rev. Fr. Sivuyile Wani for his dedication as the spiritual adviser of the Sacred Heart in our diocese, Ms Ntombi Gijana the president of the sodality and her executive for the good work they are doing we so thank the Almighty God. Keep on touching more lives and more people through your good works will not see you but the works of Jesus Christ through you. Facts of this story were provided by Ms Siphokazi P. Bongweni the Diocesan secretary of the sodality and pictures by Fr. Wani.


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