Confirmation and Opening of Grotto: St. Vincent Palloti Parish-Ezibeleni

It was a sunny with a beautiful weather day when the Ezibeleni/Ilinge District come together in great celebration. Since the 31st January 2016, St. Vincent Palloti Parish will never be the same. The celebration started with Holy Mass led by the Chief Shepherd of our Diocese, His Lordship Bishop D. Mpako who welcomed everyone at the beginning of Mass as he usually do. He thanked God in a special way for having brought everyone to this new year still with the gift of faith which is our strength as believers. He also thanked Him for the gift of the people who were to be confirmed in His church to be true witness of Christ through words and actions.


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In his homily he reminded everyone of their calling to be Christians and also their responsibilities which are not very easy. Together with those who were confirmed he also reminded the people of God that in confirmation we are transformed into being prophets. As we know it, a prophet is a person who foresees things. He sees all sorts of things that other people cannot see, he reflected on this in a different way saying, we show the prophetic mission by the way we live the Gospel. Our Christian lifestyle is the one that shows our desire to do God’s will.

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He furthermore,   described the prophet as the one who always wants to know what God wants of them. He mentioned also that one cannot be a Christian if they are not prophet. As much as it is not easy to be a prophet but we should persevere. People will forever challenge you if you see things in a different way and they will go to the extent of neglecting you and also call you names. We need at all times to fulfill the Christian calling of being prophets and do as the spirit directs us. He gave a fatherly advice that self introspection is very important. Know yourself, identify your mistakes, be able to forgive yourself and use the faith you got in confirmation as a took to help others grow spiritually and otherwise. 

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Candidates for confirmation received their special grace, Mass continued as usual after which the congregation proceeded to the beautiful newly built Grotto where there was a special celebration for its blessing. His Lordship thanked all those who supported the idea of the Grotto, those who funded the project itself and their priest in charge Rev. Fr. Mlungisi Emmanuel Maphumulo for such an achievement.  

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