We Pray and also Socialize!!!

As we have it on our church calendar the 22nd January is a special day for St. Vincent, Deacon and Martyr. Our Pallotine brothers and fathers celebrated this special day on Monday the 25th together with the Conversion of St Paul Feast. The Pallotines formerly known as the “Society of the Catholic Apostolate” SAC celebrate this day yearly in our diocese. They come together in prayer to remind themselves of their founder. As we know he was had an intense devotion to the Holy Trinity and to the Blessed Virgin Mary to the extent of being considered a saint by his contemporaries in his life. He was proclaimed blessed by Pope Pius XII on the 22nd January 1850 and canonized by Pope John XXIII in 1963. He was named the principal patron of the Pontifical Missionary Union of Clergy on the 6th April 1963.

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It was such a beautiful day on Monday, we started with Holy Eucharist celebrated by Fr. Reabow SAC one of the senior priests in our diocese and Pallotine community. Mass was so uplifting as Fr. shared with us his experiences since the time he joined the religious life. He mentioned to us that, there was no time that he felt he was on his own as a religious because of the love he draws from St. Vincent Palloti each day. He emphasized on the community life and encouraged us to be a living gospel like Palloti did during his time.

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We were also encouraged to do works of mercy especially this year.

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It was indeed a beautiful day to almost everyone who was there. Special thanks goes to the laity who left everything and grace this day with their presence and sang nicely at Mass. All the best to our Pallotine Brothers and Fathers.

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