The door of Mercy closed and people are sent to do the corporal works of Mercy

We have just had a celebrated the closing of our year as the Diocese of Queenstown in style. It was a two in one celebration, that is, Patronal Feast “Christ the King” and the official closure of the Year of Mercy. It was a huge success and we thank God who touched our hearts on such a special celebration through the good music of our choir and a beautiful spirit filled homily by the servant of God Bishop A. D. Mpako.


Our celebrations began exactly at 10h00. We had testimonies from different deaneries and sodalities that we have in the diocese. They were all sharing about how it touched them as well as the works of mercy that they have done throughout the year. It was wonderful to hear that in deed Pope Francis gave us a year on what we really needed to grow into. It became clear that our people have grown in the spirit of sharing what they have. Starting with the spirit of prayer and also the material things.

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It was also wonderful to see such a beautiful attendance from all corners of the diocese. All sodalities, starting from that of the child Jesus upwards. In his homily His Lordship started by explaining the solemnity of Christ the King together with the closing of the Year of Mercy as that which identifies for us what the renewal we have been undergoing during this Jubilee Year is and which should be, that is, witnessing that all people are brought to a right place in minds and hearts where they will fully become dwellers in the kingdom of Jesus Christ, the Universal King. 2016-11-20-09-59-57                                                            2016-11-20-10-09-43                        2016-11-20-10-11-11             2016-11-20-10-13-49                                         2016-11-20-10-51-05             2016-11-20-10-54-12               2016-11-20-10-55-58 2016-11-20-10-30-00                   2016-11-20-10-51-12               2016-11-20-10-51-23                2016-11-20-11-10-20 2016-11-20-11-10-22

This kingdom of Christ the King is a way of being in the world, a way of relating, a way acting and behaving which is informed by the spirit and the example of Jesus Christ the King. This way of being touches not only our external actions but also our innermost thoughts, emotions, attitudes and dispositions. He (Bishop) also stressed the words of the Gospel by saying that indeed the forgiveness is demonstrated and a new life given to a lost soul, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom…. Indeed I promise you, today you will be with me in paradise.” The kingdom of Christ the King is the Kingdom of a king who hangs upon the cross as he gives himself in unconditional love so that through his death all may have life.
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He also encouraged us that this renewed faith should not only bring us to be full and active citizens of the kingdom of Christ the King. It should also make us agents of the establishment of the kingdom of Christ the King in the whole world. Everyone saw life in a different way and we got some sort of a new experience in our faith.

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The people of God gave out different gifts in cash and also clothes and food for those in great need.  All the donations were taken to our Philani Project which deals with the needy people in our diocese under the leadership of Sr. Felicitas CMDA. Anyone who wishes to donate as well for this good work to keep on going and touch the hearts of the poor feel free to contact me or the diocesan office.  After the concluding prayer the whole congregation went out of the Cathedral. As we had a special celebration on the opening of the Holy Door, so there was an official closure. Burners of the year of Mercy were rolled down, the Bishop himself closed the door of mercy and encouraged people to go and do the corporal works of mercy though the Holy Door is closed.

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