Caritas Queenstown

The Caritas Queenstown Office still continues to help or rather meet the financially challenged families halfway. We visited Mgwali the outstation of Stutternheim, the village with many people who depend only on social grants that cannot be enough. As we always do, we started with a prayer and introduced the office as well as the intention of the office.


Indeed we could see from the people’s eyes and from what they shared that they were so much touched more especially because they have a lot of orphans due to HIV/AIDS. Hearing that we are more interested to the vulnerable children, those infected and affected with HIV/AIDS and related diseases made them rejoice and were somehow emotional.

We gave them some words of encouragement and handed of some food parcels to them. Thanks to the Chairperson of the Parish Pastoral Council and the priest in charge Fr. Calistus Zulu TOR for making our dream come true in their place. Thank you once again Sr. Felicitas Solani CMDA for your dedication to this job which is not very easy, keep it up and continue to touch people’s hearts. Special thanks goes to our Local Ordinary, His Lordship Bishop A.D. Mpako for supporting this vision and always being there for us.

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