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Social welfare projects of the Diocese up and running.







Did you know? The Diocese of Queenstown has an office in the Chancery called PHILANI QUEENSTOWN CATHOLIC DEVELOPMENT (PQCD). It is a social welfare and development office running a number of projects and supervises all the projects of the Diocese. It is at present funded in the main through the SACBC Aids Office.

One of the bishop’s dreams was to have such an office which would concentrate on social welfare and development. The office is now working full time with Sr Bernadette Kwinana CMDA as head, helped by Sr Paschaline Ndata CMDA. The bishop is of course the overseer of Philani office.

Some significant progress has already been made. The different villages of Qoqodala were visited to address people about the OVCs project, asking for volunteers to identify orphans in their areas, regardless of religion. It is a responsibility of every Catholic to care for the poor and the needy in one way or another. Names of people to identify orphans from eight villages were received through the parish priest, Fr. Anthony Shai, and the work started. Verification has been done through door to door visits to the homes identified and distribution of food parcels is in process.

The office also works hand in hand with two other projects namely, Masiphathisane Project dealing with orphans and vulnerable children (OVCs) and home based care (HBC) which operates from the Catholic Mission of Ezibeleni, and Masincedane Project, an NGO in Sada which also deals with OVCs and HBC. Healthcare Projects carried out through Ntaba Maria Clinic also fall under Philani Office.

There is a plan and hope to visit as many parishes as possible to carry out this work of caring for the poor especially the Orphans and Vulnerable Children. With the help of God and the encouragement and support of our bishop, there is hope that the work done through this office will be a witness to God’s lifegiving presence in the world.

By Sr. Paschaline Ndata CMDA

Sr Bernadette Kwinana

Sr Pashalina Ndata